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like breathing (2016) 

From the recent Beautiful Fragments concert at The Paris Cat Jazz Club

Performed by Luke Howard (piano), Isaac Gunnoo (double bass), Maddison Carter (drums), Natasha Paige (violin), Alice Gaynor (violin), Thomas D'Ath (bass clarinet)

Recorded live at 'The Paris Cat Jazz Club' by Thomas D'Ath


Young and wandering (2015/16)

Young and Wandering is a journey that doesn't travel from start to end but is an aimless wander enjoying the beauty in resonant sounds. The piece is based on the image below of a small child at the cusp of lake watching the water ripple around his feet, he is innocent and sweetly naive. He is enjoying the sun and the cool lake. He is aimless, young, and wandering. 

Performed by Holly Moore (alto saxophone), Selene Messinis (piano), Isaac Gunnoo (double bass), & Maddison Carter (drums)


Shinjuku (2016)

“Inside the Meiji Shrine, the bustling, non-stop chaos of metropolitan Tokyo is a distant echo. The slick koi weave and dash through the water in a seemingly choreographed ballet. Long beaked birds duck in and out of the water, taking care not to interrupt the fish. The air is crisp and brushes past the leaves of trees overhanging the lake. Nearby the trains announce their arrival and the chitter-chatter of the city calls on.”

Performed by Holly Moore (alto saxophone), Thomas D'Ath (bass clarinet), Anthony Foon (trumpet), Ollie Iacono (percussion), Selene Messinis (piano), Isaac Gunnoo (double bass), & Maddison Carter (drums)


He hears nothing (2016)

Performed by Maddison Carter (prepared drum kit)

The original field recording for this piece was taken at a property in St Andrews, Victoria. Photographer Craig George recalls standing on the side of a road just after the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, “Not a sound. Not a bird, not a bug, no cars, people or animals of any description.” I was particularly taken by these statements, only knowing the property in which the audio was taken from with it’s winter and spring landscape of flourishing green. Whilst the landscape is harsh in summer, the space celebrates vivid regrowth after destruction.

He hears nothing but a hopeful wind in a terrible boiling dark
The grasses brown with summer, leaves popping and hissing in the torrid heat
Rippling orange masses make silhouettes in the smoke-filled air
He hears nothing

The performer reads from a graphic score and recites text written by the composer. 

This piece was featured on the 'Making Waves' playlist 'Vocal Waves' in September 2017. You can follow the link to listen to the piece on their website here.


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