Jessica Lindsay Smith is a Melbourne-based composer who is passionate about music that crosses the boundaries of genre. Currently studying Honours in Composition at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Jessica has worked with ensembles within local and international contexts to create music with a focus on vivid colours and unusual sounds.

Jessica has studied chamber music in Italy at the Prato Centre and Verdi Music School as part of her Bachelor of Music (Composition) at Monash University. 

In 2016 Jessica was awarded an IgniteLab bursary and used this funding to create a curated concert of works that cross the classical and jazz streams with celebrated pianists Luke Howard and Nat Bartsch. Later in 2016 Jessica was commissioned to write a work for the Ian Potter Museum of Art which was be performed as part of the 'Architectonics' concert.

In the same year, Jessica's curated and had her work performed at 'Composure: Chroma Collective', a concert at Arts Centre Melbourne. In early 2017, Jessica completed the Tilde New Music and Sound Art Academy in Melbourne working with Liza Lim and Chris Dench. 

Jessica’s interests span from intricately written chamber music to largely improvised jazz, from film music to installation soundscapes. The common thread being a search for novel colour palettes and an intrigue for curious textures.